Bike Tour Day 01

So, here goes nothing!

I flew out of San Francisco, CA on December 6th, 2018 and landed in Bangkok mid morning on December 7th, 2018. My oh my was the flight longggg! I mean, I knew it would be, but as it was happening, it just felt treacherous. I tried to keep my mind occupied with movies and music.. Oh and sleep! Lotssss of fucking sleep especially since my flight departed at 12:20am. I had a quick layover in Taipei, and almost missed my connection flight due to being given the wrong gate and caught myself running across the airport, thankfully, making my flight on time! I tell you what, the joy I felt when I arrived to this here gate.. Shit! I was in damn near tears!

When I arrived, I made my way to Bang Saen Beach via taxi to meet a friend, Brian AKA Cook, that I had made on Snapchat about 15 months ago or so when I was bicycle touring Thailand the last time. I met his family ie his mother in-law, wife, and kids. They welcomed me with open arms and dear laaaawd are they the sweetest!! They took me out to eat on numerous occasions, and Aimy, his wife, even took me to get a massage! They also taught me key words and phrases in the Thai language, so I would be better equipped to speak with others this time around! Seriously! What lifesavers these people are! I initially planned to stay with them for one night, but one night turned into four nights because let’s face it, getting used to a new time zone right off the bat sure isn’t easy. And I mean, you can’t beat amazing hospitality either! 

On night three, I began to prepare for my ride and reassembled my bicycle, surprisingly so with ease! 

And if you are so inclined, here’s a fun little time lapse I recorded doing so!

After my fourth night, I finally felt like myself again! What a relief! I thought the jet lag was going to last foreverrrr! 

Today, I woke up, refreshed and alive. The skies were blue, and the sun was shining! It was a gorgeous day and I felt it in my bones that it was time that I set out on my new solo bicycle touring adventure! So, I packed my bike up, said goodbye to my friend and there I went! Onwards and upwards! I headed towards Bangkok! What a day! It was quite the scorcher! A 90 degree day with little wind! And man oh man, am I sunburnt! I’ll be honest, it was my first time on my bicycle in quite some time. I hadn’t been on it since before I moved to Iowa about 3-4 months ago! Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be! Praise Allah! (Just a saying, don’t be so sensi!)

After about four hours of cycling, (I clearly moved like a snail) I made it a whopping 31 miles to a small town named Ban Bang Bo, Samut Prakan. I didn’t eat much on my ride today, just a little latke my friend made with an egg for breakfast, a keto protein shake, and a stick of jerky! Yeah soooo by this point, I was fucking STARVING! When I got into town, I stopped at a food stand where only locals eat and grabbed a bowl of soup! It was fucking amazing and the woman who made it made the experience even better. After serving me, she filled my water bottle with some type of homemade herbal water to keep me hydrated and also sent me off with a big bowl of fruit! What a sweetheart! 

After leaving the soup stand, I knew it was time I find a place to lay my precious little head! I found a place on google maps and headed that direction. Of course, the place was nonexistent and lead me to be chased by a huge pack of wild dogs! Fuck! I definitely didn’t miss that park of cycle touring here! Someone get me a fucking stick! These dogs are just plain relentless! Anywho! I found a different spot, thankfully, and because of one of my amazing supporters on the World Wide Web, I was able to pay with money he had sent me! What a godsend!

Now, I lay here, in this quite ol’ room, writing this post and pondering life. Ps. The wifi password here is bone6969; I clearly picked the right place. Teehee! But back to what I was saying.. Man, I am so fucking blessed. To have the privilege to do this not once, but now twice and this time solo. It might sound terrifying to be in a foreign country alone especially not knowing most of the language, but it’s actually rather safe here. Doing this alone is, to be quite frank, exhilarating and empowering, really. I am woman! Hear me roarrrr! But in all seriousness, I love Thailand, and I fall in love with this country more and more everyday. The culture here is beautiful and the people are nothing like what I’m used to. They’re kind, and simple. They appreciate life and live presently. I love that. It really does pull at my heart strings, incomparable to anything else. 

Welp! This concludes my first blog post! I hope you enjoyed it! There will be plenty more to come! Thanks for checking it out! 🙂 

Miles Cycled: 31: Bang Saen to Ban Bang Bo 

Today’s Expenses: $22